Every entity operating a business who owns or leases equipment within the county must file a tangible personal property return. Forms are provided by the Commissioner of the Revenue or may be accessed online. The required filing includes the listing of equipment or property owned, date of purchase and the purchase price.


The goal of the Commissioner’s Office is to arrive at Fair Market Values of assets as of January 1 of each year.


Assessment Procedure for Personal Property: NADA, square footage, percentage of owners cost; Federal Income tax return helpful with assessment ratio.





  •          County Personal Property Tax Rates are assessed at a rate of 100% Assessed Value.


  •          Tangible Personal Property - $1.95


  •          Merchant Capital - $2.00   


  •          Coal and Gas License: issued monthly


  •          Coal – 2% of gross receipts due monthly 


  •            Gas – 3% of gross receipts due monthly



         Buchanan County Personal Property Tax Rates