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Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Event Title: ADDENDUM #1
Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Invitation for Bid

Abatement of Asbestos-Containing Material

Date: January 29, 2018

Issued By: Jason Pack
Owner's Representative
Phone: 540-383-6600

Included within this addendum are the following:

· List of bidders present at Pre-bid Conference
· Answers to pre-bid questions

List of bidders present at Pre-bid Conference:

§ Kent Brown - W.E.L. Environmental Services Inc.
§ Tim Cundiff - WACO Inc.
§ Deena Madill - Prime, Inc.

Answers to pre-bid questions:
1. Will all the bench seating and other nonstructural items be removed? If so please indicated what will remain. As noted in the pre-bid, the bench seating can be removed, but not the witness stand, judges area, etc.
2. Can the lower center section of the court room ceiling be removed in it's entirety, including lights diffusers, and frame work? It has been confirmed with the A/E for the renovation that this ceiling will not be reused, so it may be removed.
3. Can we all assume that the lower section is constructed of wood, or aluminum framing? It is assumed to be wood, but there is currently no way of confirming.
4. Will the base bid include the abatement of the finish coat (leaving the brown coat) from the upper perimeter ring visible from the ground, assuming that it does not cover the entire ceiling above the lower section as seen during the walk through. Perimeter ceiling may be removed in its entirety.
5. Will the window treatments be removed by the owner prior to our arrival? Window treatments will not be removed. However, should they be cross-contaminated during abatement activities, the successful bidder is responsible for disposing of accordingly.
6. Will any of the wall electronics be removed by the owner, such as speakers, etc.? The electronics will be removed by the Owner.
7. Are the auxiliary areas (bathrooms, vestibule, etc.) adjacent to the spaces listed in the bid documents included in the scope? These areas did appear to have the same ceiling finish, so they should be included in the base bid.


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